Monday, 6 May 2013

Uniforms for our first batch of figures



  1. Just finished painting my first batch of paras--these figures are OUTSTANDING! I have Viet-Minh on the way from France and am likewise looking forward to those, too.

    Keep up the outstanding work and all I can say is "More!"

    1. Thanks for the comments. If you can we will be very happy to see some pictures of your painted figures :-)) Can I ask, as you say you are waiting for Vietminh from France, from where they are coming as we have no distributor there ?

  2. Christian--

    I ordered directly from you via email--I also mispoke, as I realize you are in Belgium, not France! Guess I got excited with all the para stuff...

    I will send some photos--I have completed a full squad, plus MG, mortar and command group. Got most of the painting right--but gave the officer light colored gloves instead of black and painted the machine-gunner in that khaki drab uniform color per the Osprey book--which may or may not be accurate.


    Tim W.