Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Photo tutorial: painting the British windproof vest and trousers

I have just finished a small tutorial, Andy's style, on how to paint the famous British windproof (BW) vest and trousers.
Not as nice as Andy's original tutorial, but I hope you like it.

The acrylic paints come mostly from the Game Workshop range with some Vallejo one.

We will only detail here the painting for the BW namely the trousers of the first figure, and the vest and trousers ensemble for the second one.

First step
The base colours

GW Karak Stone

2nd Step
The webbing, straps, etc

some variations here as I use alternatively GW Tallarn Sand or a more yellowish Vallejo Desert Yellow

3nd Step
Green camo spots

GW Loren Forest

4th Step
Brown camo spots

Vallejo Mahogany Brown

5th Step
Brown Wash

GW Agrax Earthshade

Base done

Finished and like Andy say "embarrassingly easy, but I like it this way" ;-)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New heads !

They are done. Paul has found the time to do is magic again. The 2 new sets of heads, one in Bigeard caps and the other in bush hats, are done and they are... SUPERB !

We will try to get them out from the mould as soon as possible.

Bye-bye to our Chechen War range

To allow us to devote all our time and resources available on our new range "Dien Bien Phu", we decide to "lighten us" by giving our first line of figures, "Chechen War," in the hands of our loyal British distributors Empress miniatures.

Empress Miniatures, notwithstanding being our exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom, is now the owner of this range, in which they will certainly infuse new life in the future.

"Chechen War" was our first range and as such we were very attached to it. It was a great experience for us and allowed us to learn a lot to do things better in the future. But our resources are definitively limited and we will now been able to concentrate exclusively on the "Dien Bien Phu" range, for which we have a lot of projects.

Thanks to all the people who have supported us so far and intend to doing it in the future.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome Lily

As it is now official, we can gladly welcome Lily on our planet and congratulate the parents, Paul Hicks and his wife :-))

Some of you were a little restless to see our next figures, and now you will all understand some delays as Paul, already the overworked (because the best) sculptor, had also to meet his obligations on the family side ;-) A first little girl, what can be more welcome to him.

We wish them all the happiness that bring a first borne and wish Lily all the best for her future.