Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Vietminh uniforms and equipment

You ask for them and I really would like to give you more informations about the uniforms, equipment and gear for our figures, especially for the Vietminh. Unfortunately I am desperately short of time to do all that I would like to do (heard that somewhere?).

So I choose here to give you at least the raw material that I have collected for the making of the Vietminh figures so far.

Magnificent Vietminh Flags

We now have in stock 2 wonderful Vietminh flags done for us by the talented Rick O’Brien from Flag dude.

True they are a little bit pricey but they are really little gems and available only in limited number via our webshop

Reinforcements for the Vietminh

Reinforcements for our Vietminh are now available via our webshop.

You can now order our 2 last packs

DBP009 Vietminh regulars 60mm mortar team

DBP010 Vietminh regulars SG43 mmg team

More are on the way with 75mm recoilless gun in French and Vietminh teams

More Vietminh assault troops are also in preparation

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Incredible footages on the Indochina war

The effect of colors on this old footages make them so much more « real » 60 years later...

I personally found the images on 2.33 min very impressive and of course all the herculean works to bring the guns up the jungle mountain.