Sunday, 23 August 2015

RedStar Miniatures selling Dien Bien Phu 28mm range

After many wavering we have finally decided to separate ourselves from our Dien Bien Phu range.

Indeed, due to professional and familial constraints it became increasingly difficult to dedicate the necessary time to a good functioning of Red Star Miniatures.

When we started this adventure myself and Eric, it was really to see some of our dreams come true, to offer wargamers like ourselves novel and perfect figures from interesting periods without any coverage at the time in the market. We had always a very direct and friendly approach with our customers giving as much time as feasible to discuss some historical points or futur games... but recently it had really become difficult to keep it this way.

So it is done ! The range goes to Steve Mynes from Age Of Glory, our current US distributor. During our partnership Steve has always been the perfect friendly guy, very honest and helpful. The Dien Bien Phu range will be his first own range and he is enthusiastic with it.

Steve told us that he wanted to keep working with Griffin Moulds for the moulding of the figures as he know their professional qualities. Also, Empress Miniatures will probably continue to work with him for the distribution in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We are definitively a little bit sad to say goodbye to our « baby », but we are also convinced to have found the good person to continue our work. For us it was really a very wonderful adventure and you, as customers, had a central part in it. For all you support, your positive comments and of course your many purchases of our figures, we would like to say a big THANKS ! It was also thanks to you that we have been able to bring to live one of the most beautiful 28mm range to date, one of the best of this fantastic sculptor Paul Hicks !

Perhaps, in an indefinite future, we will try again, but, for the time being, let just say thanks to you all and perhaps see you at Crisis or Salute.

Christian & Eric

Painting & photos by Martin Niklaus

Monday, 3 August 2015

Vietminh reinforcements now available

Here they come, ready for more ambushes or a general assault ! Two more packs of assaulting Vietminh are now available :

DBP013 Vietminh regulars attacking 3

DBP014 Vietminh regulars attacking 4

They are both available immediately at 10 euros each but only via email ordering at redstarminiatures as we have some updating problems with our website at the moment.

More stunning greyscale paintwork of our figures

At least I have found the time to post a new entry on more talented painting of our figures by Martin Niklaus. A new way to look at 28mm figures and a very impressive one !

More pictures on his great Blog  here and here

Thanks Nick !

Thursday, 19 February 2015

New 75mm recoilless gun teams available

It has been a long time but, after many bad moments (firstly the accident of our sculptor Paul Hicks and his convalescence and then, the terrible news of the dead of our moulder, the late Stewart Griffin, in December), our two new packs are here and available.

DBP011 Vietminh 75mm recoilless gun team

3 marching figures

and 3 firing figures with the gun

DBP012 French 75mm recoilless gun team

3 marching figures

and 3 firing figures with the gun + packs and rifles

We will put them on our website as soon as possible but know that both packs sell at 14 euros and are available immediately for ordering via our email at and soon via our UK distributor Empress miniatures and US distributor Age of glory

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First pictures of our forthcoming French 75mm recoilless gun pack

It is nearly there ! A little bit late, due to Paul unfortunate accident (luckily without lasting consequence), our 2 packs of 75mm recoilless gun are nearly available.

To start with, here is some pictures of the french pack

As usual, great work by Mr Hicks ! Thanks Paul ;-)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Some stunning greyscale paintwork of our figures

Thanks to the talented Martin Niklaus we can now discover our figures from a new angle... Stunning!

More pictures on his great Blog

Thanks Nick !

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Some armor reinforcement for the French - part 5

And finally the pictures of the LVT from Warlord. I hope that you like them as much as I do ;-)