Monday, 24 March 2014

Some Vietminh in patrol... in Andy’s garden

Andy has just finished painting some of our Vietminh and here they are already on patrol in his garden...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Vietminh support weapons first pictures

They are absolutely fabulous, and I mean it ! Paul has just finished the 2 packs of support weapons for the Vietminh and they are reaaaaalllllly great :-)) They will be available on time for Salute !

SG 43 mmg firing...

... and marching

60mm mortar firing...

... and marching

Photo tutorial: painting a Vietminh regular

I have just finished another small tutorial on how to paint a Vietminh regular for the period 1953-54.

The acrylic paints come from the Game Workshop (GW) and Vallejo range (VA).

First step
The undercoat

A first departure here from our usual painting habits, no Black undercoat. In place of it I have chosenVA Mahogany Brown but any rich red/brown color will do. Why this change in undercoating ? Two reasons mainly: to try to give me a better visibility for the details of the figures (necessary also because my eyes are not the same as a few years ago) and to try to give a more rich and subtle shading of the figures.

2nd step
The flesh undercoating

Again a departure from our usual painting habits, the flesh undercoating is here made with VA Camo Orange Ochre to try to give a more yellow olive base to the flesh parts. Note that the difference for the brown undercoating with the previous photo is due to my poor proficiency with lightning and photo taking :-/

3rd Step
The base colours

GW Loren Forest here for the pants and the helmet and GW Caledor Sky for the winter vest. But on other figures I make variations with GW Death World Forest and GW Boneblade Brown for example.

4th Step
The webbing, straps, weapon stock, etc

5th Step
First highlights

The helmet, trousers,webbing and straps are highlighted with their base colors. The weapon stock is highlighted very lightly with VA Light Brown and the winter vest with GW Temple Guard Blue. The skin with GW Cadian Fleshtone.

6th Step
Second highlights and basing

Second highlight for the winter vest with VA Deep Sky Blue and for the skin with VA Light Brown.

Some variations

Hope you like them ;-) Soon some more « professional » painting with Andy.