Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Here they are !

The Viets are there !
The first two packs of our new Vietminh have finally come out of the jungle ! You can see them, and buy them, via our website shop page here 
They are really great (I objectively think so ;-) thanks to the ever talented Paul Hicks. More to follow soon... well to follow I am sure but soon I hope ;-)

I hope that I can find some time to give you some background informations about Vietminh uniforms and units soon.



  1. Cool. And I just came back from the dentist with some money left in my pocket! It must be God's way of saying "brush and floss regularly and you can buy more toy soldiers!"

    I have request: a tutorial on painting skin tones, please. I want to play DBP. This means I will be painting Central European French, FFL units with lots of North Europeans, Colonial units ranging from Senegalese to Moroccan and Viets from both sides of the Parallel. That is just about the full spectrum of skin colours available to mankind!

  2. What is next on the list for the Viet Minh? Heavy weapons? Command?

    1. The command pack is nearly done. Then we will have a HMG team and a mortar team.