Monday, 3 August 2015

Vietminh reinforcements now available

Here they come, ready for more ambushes or a general assault ! Two more packs of assaulting Vietminh are now available :

DBP013 Vietminh regulars attacking 3

DBP014 Vietminh regulars attacking 4

They are both available immediately at 10 euros each but only via email ordering at redstarminiatures as we have some updating problems with our website at the moment.


  1. You got mail.
    A question, or request rather: vehicle crew. I just built an M3 halftrack and I would really like someone to man the MGs, for example.

  2. When can we have french regular troops or 2bep renforcement ?

  3. Wonderfull miniatures again ! ! !
    I will complete my section !

    Some head with Beret or képi will be interesting for the following things !

    Are the some new fench paras (For the 6BPC) will be made ?
    Don't forget irregular mountain tribe warrior ! ;)

    Sorry for my french

    1. Yes, excellent idea. Heads with beret and kepis would be excellent, especially for mixing with other figure ranges.